Meet Our Team

Jim McCoy - Owner of Lents Body Shop

Jim McCoy


Jim has over 20 years’ experience in the collision repair industry and recently purchased Lents Body Shop with his wife. In his free time Jim enjoys running off road with his four-legged friend Riley and has done many obstacle courses runs over the years including running the Tough Mudder five times. In the summer he enjoys boating and surfing, in the fall and winter you can find him climbing the tallest Oregon dune on his Polaris RZR with friends.


dawn McCoy


Dawn recently transitioned to the collision repair industry after dedicating 16 years to the special education department of her local elementary school. Dawn is one of the first smiling faces you will meet when coming into Lents Body Shop where she works in the office as a customer experience representative. When she and her husband aren’t busy in the shop, her interests include spending time with her family, cooking with her husband and watching movies.
Dawn McCoy - Owner of Lents Body Shop

Dylan McCoy - Production Manager of Lents Body Shop

Dylan McCoy

Production Manager

Dylan has grown up in the collision repair industry- He began sweeping floors at 15 then became a detailer before leaving for college. After returning from school Dylan started as an estimator, then moved to the parts department before transferring into the shop as a production manager. His interests include watersports, football, exercising and video games as well as spending time with his family and two dogs.


Troya Marler

Office Manager, Accounts Payable and Receivables

Troya is responsible for all the accounting, employee files and payroll. When not at work you will find her keeping busy with her two young boys. If she has any time left over in the day she enjoys baking themed cupcakes for any type of event. She is also very crafty and every year has made her family Halloween costumes.
Troya Marler - Office Manager of Lents Body Shop

Jon Dunaway - Parts Manager of Lents Body Shop

Jon Dunaway

Parts Manager

Jon has 9 years of experience in the collision repair industry, most of his time was spent in the parts department but he did have a short stint as an estimator. His job requires organization while keeping track of hundreds of parts a month. Jon married his high school sweetheart. He and his wife keep busy raising their three young children. Jon also has an uncanny knack for making people laugh at his great one liners and telling stories from his childhood and teenage years.


Laurel Miller


Before becoming an estimator, Laurel attended the Oregon Culinary Institute for baking and pastry. While she loved to bake, she didn’t like the early hours. Her friend recommended her for a job as a lot attendant, from there she worked her way up to estimating and has been doing that ever since. Her weekends include trips to the Oregon coast where she and her husband play on their Polaris RZR on the Sand Dunes. You can also find her relaxing while watching Netflix or playing with her two Corgis.
Laurel Miller - Estimator of Lents Body Shop

James Espiritu - Estimator of Lents Body Shop

James Espiritu


James has been in the Collision Repair industry for 31 years as a painter. Recently he hung up his paint gun and transitioned into the office as an estimator. He enjoys hunting, working on cars and spending time at the gym. James and his wife enjoy precious time with their first-born granddaughter and watching her grow up.


Alan Green

Body Technician

Alan was a combat engineer in the Army for 4 years before attending College. Cars have always been a hobby for Alan and that eventually turned into a career for him as a Body Technician. He has been doing body work on cars for 23 years. In his spare time, he likes to shoot guns and most recently has been doing some remodeling of his home which includes a big deck in the back yard to enjoy the outdoors.
Alan Green - Body Technician of Lents Body Shop

Jaime Pascua - Body Technician of Lents Body Shop

Jaime Pascua

Body Technician

Jaime has had a love of cars his whole life. His dad was a diesel mechanic so he had exposure to cars from a very young age. In high school, Jaime would spend time at the drags and working on cars. This has led to his 25-year career in collision repair. He loves to spend time on his new boat fishing for Salmon or even venturing out on a frozen lake to ice fish. Jaime also enjoys exploring the wilderness and being outdoors.


JP Grant

Body Technician

JP has been a body technician for over 25 years after learning the trade from his dad. He spent his early years apprenticing under his father. One of JP’s unique interests is collecting spiders. At any time, he may have one inside a tic tac container in his pocket ready to be set free outdoors. He also enjoys fishing and boating with his family. When at home or even out in the neighborhood you will always see him with his parrot Scarlett on his shoulder.
JP Grant - Body Technician of Lents Body Shop

Brian Hodgkinson - Body Technician of Lents Body Shop

Brian Hodgkinson

Body Technician

Brian was a teenager when he first started to work on cars. Unfortunately, it was his own car that he crashed back in high school. After repairing his own car he continued to work on them and has now been doing it for 30 years. When he has free time, Brian enjoys going to the beach or camping and fishing. He also likes to spend time at his cabin on Mt Hood where you might find him skiing or otherwise enjoying the outdoors.


Dalton Seely

Body Apprentice

Dalton started out as a Detailer and has made a quick transition to body apprentice. In his spare time, you will find Dalton enjoying the outdoors. In the summers he is active outside hiking, camping and working on cars. If there is snow on the mountains you will find him at the top snowboarding his way down. He also likes to work on building computers or playing video games.
Dalton Seely - Body Apprentice of Lents Body Shop

Sherman Croydon - Painter of Lents Body Shop

Sherman Croydon


Sherman has worked in auto body and paint for over 25 years. He is known for painting the Portland Street Cars for the City of Portland and most recently painted his son’s tuba. He is a devoted father who spends endless hours with his daughter at the softball fields and listening to his son in the jazz band. Recently Sherman has found an interest in Real Estate.


Tyler Stuart


Tyler has been with Lents Body Shop for 5 years. He has recently completed his apprenticeship program which included attending an Akzo Nobel paint training class in Texas. One of Tyler’s hobbies is martial arts, that helps him stay devoted to physical fitness which is very important to him. He works out daily and is conscientious about eating healthy. Tyler also enjoys learning computer science in his free time.
Tyler Stuart - Painter of Lents Body Shop

Nathan Vandyke - Detail Painter Prep of Lents Body Shop

Nathan VanDyke

Detail-Paint Prep

Nathan is our youngest employee, coming to us right out of high school. He takes pride in his work and is a quick learner. Nathan is also eager to further his career and take the next steps to learn the process for painting and is now prepping cars for paint. At home in his free time Nathan enjoys the outdoors fishing and hiking or playing video games with friends.


Jaxon Croydon

Special Projects

Jaxon spends time helping out in the shop during summers and school breaks. He has an exceptional work ethic for his young age and we always look forward to having him come in. You will find Jaxon sweeping the shop, helping to organize carts or even assisting us with detailing cars. Jaxon’s interests include jazz band, pep band and concert band. Jaxon has set his sights high and plans on going to school to become a pilot.
Jaxon Croydon - Special Projects of Lents Body Shop